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Big Zone Battle Whey 1000g

Big Zone Battle Whey 1000g

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Why whey?
In order to ensure the highest possible regeneration for the athlete, it is essential to keep the body in an anabolic (building) state. During heavy physical exertion, the organism is under stress, which as a result reacts with a release of catabolic (degrading) hormones. In order to reverse this condition, it is necessary to supply the body with protein, as this can stimulate protein synthesis and initiate the necessary regenerative processes. The body reacts particularly effectively after the end of the stress. In this phase it reacts particularly sensitively to nutrients and absorbs them like a sponge in order to get out of its catabolic status. This is where the quick digestibility of whey protein comes into play. Whey protein has the advantage of reaching the bloodstream within 45 minutes. The body can thus initiate all regenerative processes.

What problems can occur?
Many athletes know the feeling of extreme satiety after their post workout shake. Usually accompanied by a bloated stomach and a feeling of fullness. The meal that follows can be torture.
Due to individual diets, not every stomach is able to optimally digest large amounts of protein. This delays absorption into the bloodstream and destroys whey's speed advantage.

Why Big Zone Battle Whey?
To counteract this problem, we have added all the necessary digestive enzymes (bromelain, papain and especially lactase) to whey.
The added enzymes can relieve the stomach of the work of providing or producing these in sufficient quantities. The athlete therefore experiences a much less satiating effect because the protein passes through the gastrointestinal tract much more quickly. Bloated stomach and feeling of fullness can be minimized and regenerative processes can be initiated more quickly.

Product highlights
Addition of digestive enzymes
Suitable for lactose intolerant people
Creamy consistency

Recommended intake
Stir 30 g (1 heaped measuring spoon) into 150 ml of water or low-fat milk and preferably take in the morning and after training

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