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Big Zone

Big Zone Boron+ 90 capsules

Big Zone Boron+ 90 capsules

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It doesn't matter whether in team sports or individual sports, athletics, ball sports, racing, motorsport or weight training and bodybuilding. In every discipline, genetic requirements are one of the most important factors that separate the elite from the amateurs and hobby athletes.

However, a person cannot achieve peak performance through optimal genetics alone. Only when it is combined with work ethic, strategic approach and years of hard work can the athlete possibly prevail against the majority of his competitors.

The genetic makeup can be compared to the soil of a field. No matter how fertile the field may be. If seeds are not planted on it and it is not cared for and watered, the farmer cannot reap a bountiful harvest. However, another farmer who tends, fertilizes, irrigates and tills his less fertile field can ultimately make the best of it and at least harvest a good amount of fruit.

It's similar in bodybuilding. In the end, it is the athletes who have made the most of their outstanding genetics who end up at the Mr. Olympia. But even bodybuilders with less good qualifications are able to build enormous muscle mass and win championships if they give it their all.

The hormone testosterone is of central importance for muscle building, but also for the general health and well-being of men and sometimes women. For this reason, many athletes and non-athletes strive to achieve the optimal release of the hormone.

The Bor+ should be taken once a day with sufficient liquid. Due to the high dosage, we advise against consuming more than one serving within 24 hours.

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