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Big Zone

Big Zone egg white (6x300g)

Big Zone egg white (6x300g)

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Egg whites are considered one of the most popular protein sources among bodybuilders and not without reason. The advantages are undoubtedly obvious:

  • Rich in essential amino acids
  • High protein quality (DIAAS score of 1.45, PDCAAS score of 1.0)
  • Consists almost entirely of protein
  • Low carb & low fat
  • Versatile
  • easily digestible
  • Enjoy sweet as well as savory
  • and much more.

Although the egg yolk also has a very high protein quality and a number of important micronutrients, it also provides a certain amount of fat, which is not always desirable in the diet of bodybuilders.

The problem, however, is that in Germany, unlike in the USA, pure egg white is usually not available in conventional supermarkets. And so many athletes in this country resort to whole eggs and separate them to get pure egg white.

However, this procedure is not only wasteful compared to the very high quality egg yolk, but also significantly more costly and time-consuming. For this reason, we have decided to offer pasteurized egg whites in a practical Tetra Pak.

One pack of BigZone egg whites provides you with 30 g of high-quality protein from 300 g of pasteurized egg whites from controlled free-range farming. This corresponds to an amount of around 10 egg whites from whole eggs. The egg yolk is not thrown away, but rather processed for other purposes.

The BigZone egg white is pasteurized and can therefore be kept closed for around 6-9 months at room temperature (25 °C), depending on the date of purchase, without the addition of preservatives.

If necessary, the shelf life can be significantly extended by storing the closed package in the freezer. However, after opening the pack, it should be stored in the refrigerator and used within 7 days.

To improve hygiene during storage, the BigZone egg white comes in a practical resealable packaging so that it can be sealed airtight after opening.

99% chicken egg white, pateurized; Salt.

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