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Big Zone In:fuse Intra Workout 600g - Blueberry

Big Zone In:fuse Intra Workout 600g - Blueberry

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Physical training undoubtedly leads to increased consumption of energy and nutrients. During intensive strength training, an increased anaerobic metabolism occurs, which means that carbohydrates are primarily used to generate energy.

The consumption of carbohydrate solutions can therefore contribute to an improvement in physical performance during high-intensity and long-lasting physical exertion in trained adults [1].

It has also been shown that solutions of carbohydrates and electrolytes can contribute to the maintenance of endurance performance during long-term endurance training as well as the absorption of water during physical training [2].

As if these weren't reasons enough to rely on carbohydrates in liquid form, especially during training, they also contribute to the regeneration of normal muscular function after high-intensity training, which has led to muscular exhaustion and the emptying of glycogen stores in the skeletal muscles [3].

In contrast, proteins contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass [4] [5].

Many athletes who undergo intensive strength training with the aim of building muscle mass therefore attach great importance to an adequate supply of carbohydrates and proteins during training. Taking these nutrients in liquid form is becoming increasingly popular, especially during training.

With casein hydrolate, In:Fuse provides a complete but quickly digestible protein consisting of all 21 proteinogenic amino acids and thus contributes to building and maintaining muscle mass. In addition, essential amino acids, taurine and creatinol-O-phosphate complement our intra-workout formula.

No significant amounts of carbohydrates are deliberately added to the In:Fuse, as the need and use should differ depending on the athlete and training phase. To benefit from the benefits of carbohydrate intake during training, the In:Fuse can be combined with a desired amount of carbohydrates, for example from our Cluster Dextrin.

The In:Fuse was developed as a formula to be taken during training. It should therefore be mixed with at least 500 ml of water and consumed during exercise. One serving corresponds to 30 g (2 measuring spoons). To reap the benefits of carbohydrate intake during exercise, the In:Fuse can be combined with a desired amount of Cluster Dextrin.

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