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Big Zone NO Synergy 90 capsules

Big Zone NO Synergy 90 capsules

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NO Synergy - the practical pump booster in capsule form
Citrulline, arginine, ornithine. These 3 amino acids are classically the main ingredients of conventional pump boosters. Their mode of action is based on the fact that they serve as substrates for the synthesis of nitrogen monoxide (Nitric Oxide), which is better known by the abbreviation NO

Ornithine and citrulline are converted in various steps to arginine, which is then converted with the help of the enzyme NO synthase into the substance that ultimately leads to the dilation of the blood vessels and thus promotes the pump effect.

However, the body produces NO on its own during training to dilate the blood vessels and increase blood flow to the muscles. Regardless of whether it is the body's own NO production or increased externally through citrulline, arginine and the like, there are ways to get even more out of this metabolic pathway and thus drive the pump effect to new heights.

For this purpose we developed the NO Synergy. It can be used as a stand-alone pump booster in capsule form to optimize the body's own pump effect or in combination with our Citrulline Malate, Arginine HCL or the Shelter to literally make your muscles burst.

What exactly is in it?
L-Norvaline in derivative of the essential amino acid L-Valine. Research has observed that L-norvaline inhibits the enzyme arginase, which is responsible for breaking down L-arginine in the body.

These studies have observed that the inhibited arginine breakdown can increase the level of arginine and thus contribute to increased NO production. This in turn could further improve the pumping effect.
Pine bark extract
However, the arginine level raised by L-norvaline must first be converted into NO in order to contribute to increased blood flow. For this reason, we have used a pine bark extract, which contains a whopping 95% proanthocyanidins.

On the one hand, researchers were able to observe that proanthocyanidins increase the activity of the enzyme NO synthase. This enzyme is responsible for converting arginine into NO and could therefore act synergistically with L-norvaline in increasing NO levels. In addition, research suggests that the active ingredient is also able to inhibit the breakdown of NO itself, which could make it last longer.
Gymnema Sylvestre Extract
Gymnema Sylvestre is a plant that is native to Asia, Africa and Australia and is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. Various studies indicate that the gymnemic acids contained in the leaves can have an effect on the pancreas.

More specifically, it is said to protect the cells responsible for secreting insulin from pro-inflammatory cytokines that can occur when blood sugar levels are elevated, as well as having an increasing effect on insulin secretion when carbohydrate intake is present.

On the one hand, increased insulin secretion could help carbohydrates to be stored more quickly and effectively in the muscle cells. On the other hand, studies suggest that insulin could have an increasing effect on the release of NO from the epithelial cells of the blood vessels, which in turn would benefit the pump effect.

Since many ambitious bodybuilders strive for a high carbohydrate intake, especially before, during and after training, to support their training performance, we have used Gymnema Sylvestre with the intention of synergistically supporting this approach and using it for the pump.

But don't worry if you don't eat carbohydrates before or during training
If you take Gymnema Sylvestre, you will not release any additional insulin.

Black pepper extract
Black pepper, or the piperine it contains, is known to promote the bioavailability of various substances. Scientific studies indicate that piperine, among other things, supports the effect of the proanthocyanidins from pine bark extract and could therefore contribute to an improved effect.

How to take NO Synergy?
One serving of NO Synergy is equivalent to 2 capsules. These should be taken approximately 30 to 45 minutes before training. The NO Synergy is developed in such a way that it is effective without additional intake of citrulline malate, arginine HCL or the shelter. It is therefore ideal as a pump booster in capsule form that can be taken practically anywhere and requires no further preparation. However, it is also designed with the intention of additionally supporting the effects of Citrulline Malate, Arginine HCL or the Shelter.

NO Synergy

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