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BioTech Instant Oats 1000g

BioTech Instant Oats 1000g

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The taste

Why do we recommend BioTechUSA Instant Oats products?

  • available in several flavors
  • no added sugar*
  • vegetable protein source
  • rich in fiber
  • also available in a tasteless version
  • without preservative substances

*Contains naturally occurring sugar.

BioTechUSA Instant Oats can be combined as desired - there are no limits to your imagination!

BioTechUSA Instant Oats is a product based on finely ground oatmeal that is versatile due to its consistency and can be easily integrated into your daily menu. For example, you can use it to prepare your breakfast oatmeal, add it to natural yogurt, smoothies and your favorite protein mix drink, or use it as a base for desserts and pastries.

The porridge is an exceptionally popular fitness breakfast; it is quick to prepare, nutritious, is made from a fiber-rich vegetable protein source and can also be combined with numerous fruits and oilseeds. If you want to make your breakfast a little more varied, instant oats are a good choice, because in addition to the tasteless version, there are also chocolate, cookies & cream and hazelnut flavors! But the flavored version is of course not only suitable for preparing porridge - you can also use it to conjure up an excellent chocolate sponge cake!

And if you feel like experimenting, you can refine your tasteless porridge or your protein mix drink combined with instant oats with the BioTechUSA Zero Drops, available in 10 flavors!

Who do we recommend the BioTechUSA Instant Oats porridge for?

  • Those who want to make their menu more varied
  • Those looking for a high-fiber carbohydrate source to complement their yogurt, breakfast or post-workout protein ration
  • Those for whom a low sugar content is important, but who don't want to miss out on something sweet

What does a serving of BioTechUSA Instant Oats contain? 

One serving (100g):

  • 404 kcal energy
  • 7.1g fat
    • of which saturated: 1.4 g
  • 67g carbohydrates:
    • of which sugar: 0.7 g
  • 13g protein
  • 10g fiber
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