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Body Attack

Body Attack Clear Iso Whey Drink 12 x 500ml

Body Attack Clear Iso Whey Drink 12 x 500ml

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The taste

The best tasting Clear Whey on the market to date and without the typical aftertaste of an isolate! An absolute recommendation from the house!

  • 20 g whey isolate per bottle
  • Manufactured using the special CFM process for particularly high-quality whey
  • Two fruity varieties for your sports bag

Are you ready for the protein revolution? You've never drank high-quality whey protein isolate so deliciously and easily! Ready? Here are the new CLEAR ISO WHEY DRINKS from BODY ATTACK! You've never had such protein refreshment! The practical PET bottles are ready to drink and provide you with a powerful 20 g of protein immediately! Test the two fruity flavors and find your favorite! The best comes last: Your ISO WHEY DRINK has a total of just 90 calories, no sugar and no fat and helps build muscle! BODY ATTACK – taste + benefits, without compromise!

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