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Body Attack

Body Attack Energy Kick Drink Exotic 18x500ml

Body Attack Energy Kick Drink Exotic 18x500ml

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The Body Attack Energy Kick Drink is a low-sugar, non-carbonated soft drink. One bottle delivers 150 mg caffeine, 1500 mg taurine and 300 mg green tea extract . Caffeine can reduce fatigue during training and promotes concentration, so you can carry out the exercises precisely and last longer. Caffeine is also beneficial during mental exertion, for example in the office. The Energy Kick only has 2 g of sugar per 100 ml, so it fits into a low-carbohydrate diet.

Body Attack's Energy Kick contains other selected ingredients: 0.5 mg thiamine (vitamin B1) and 145 mg magnesium per bottle. Thiamine and magnesium contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system, so that our nervous system can continue to work at the same high level even during mental exertion. Therefore, thiamine and magnesium complement the caffeine they contain perfectly.

Also wear Magnesium and vitamin B1  contribute to normal energy metabolism by converting carbohydrates, fats and protein into energy. Magnesium is also important for one normal muscle function . Athletes in particular should make sure to take in enough vitamins and minerals, as these important nutrients are lost in large quantities through sweat, for example. 

Body Attack Energy Kick also delivers 85 mg of choline , a vitaminoid that contributes to normal Fat metabolism  contributes. This makes the drink ideal for athletes and figure-conscious people who regularly do fat burner training and want to support it. Thanks to the caffeine it contains, as well as magnesium and thiamine, you can last longer with this fat burner workout and burn more calories. And of course that helps you lose weight.

What is Taurine?
Taurine is an aminosulfonic acid, i.e. the end product of the sulfur-containing amino acids methionine and cysteine. The name comes from Latin: tauros is the bull. Taurine is found, for example, in tuna (70 mg/100 g) and pork (50 mg/100 g). Plant-based foods, on the other hand, hardly contain any taurine. Vegetarians, vegans and athletes who largely avoid meat or whose diets are very carbohydrate-heavy can use dietary supplements with taurine to cover their needs.

Which products can Body Attack Energy Kick be sensibly combined with?
During a diet phase with Body Attack Diet Shake, a meal replacement 

With a carbohydrate-rich diet and a one-sided, low-meat diet with Body Attack Taurine 2000 

With the Body Attack Vitamin C depot, because vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system during and after intensive stress

With Body Attack Glutamine + BCAA 12000, in addition to a protein-focused diet during a definition and diet phase

Contents: 500 ml

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