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Body Attack

Body Attack Glutamine 1000 300 Caps

Body Attack Glutamine 1000 300 Caps

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  • 10,000 mg L-glutamic acid per daily serving
  • GMO free ingredients
  • One capsule provides 1,250 mg of microfine L-glutamic acid powder

Anyone who regularly exposes their body to high levels of stress through intensive training or is repeatedly exposed to stressful situations in everyday life needs products with maximum effect in order to supply their body and muscles with the best nutrients. The nutrient protein is very important for strength athletes because it promotes muscle growth in the building phase. During the diet phase it is important for muscle maintenance. Many strength athletes also swear by L-glutamic acid because, like BCAA, this amino acid is a component of the muscles. L-Glutamic acid 10,000 from BODY ATTACK is therefore the ideal supplement during a build-up and diet phase in which you should follow a protein-focused diet in order to achieve your training goals. L-glutamic acid 10,000 from BODY ATTACK can be a useful dietary supplement, especially if you have a one-sided, low-protein diet. L-Glutamic acid 10,000 from BODY ATTACK consists of microfine powder and is also available in free form. Due to this property, it can be absorbed particularly well by the body.

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