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Body Attack

Body Attack Instant Rice Pudding 1000g

Body Attack Instant Rice Pudding 1000g

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  • Naturally gluten and lactose free
  • Ideal for breakfast or after a workout
  • 100% rice flakes for a creamy consistency - very soluble and digestible

Rice pudding is simply THE pre- or post-workout meal ever. Gluten-free, lactose-free, no sugar or animal ingredients, free of additives, easily soluble, easy to digest... we could go on like this forever. The fine flakes can be easily prepared with warm or cold water and topped to your taste. Fresh fruits, nuts, whey, protein isolate and our Flav products ensure endless flavor combinations! You can also enjoy our Instant Rice Pudding on its own to provide you with high-quality carbohydrates before training - or to strengthen yourself afterwards. You decide on the consistency of your snack, which you can mix without a whisk, just with a spoon, to make it as firm or fluffy as you like. Tip: The rice pudding will swell properly! Small amounts of water or (vegetable) milk are often enough.

100% rice flakes

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