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Body Attack

Body Attack Kebab Sauce 320ml

Body Attack Kebab Sauce 320ml

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Grilled food, kebabs, meat skewers - kebab is known by many names and is very popular! Understandably! Would you like to cook this delicacy from the Middle East yourself? Are you looking for the right sauce that doesn't add hundreds of calories to your kebab? We heard your wish! The KEBAB SAUCE from BODY ATTACK is the perfect sauce for your kebab dishes. Give your meat or vegan meat substitute an incomparable taste! You don't need to hold back! Your vegan KEBAB SAUCE has less than one calorie per serving and is sugar and fat free! Put the pan on and go!

KEBAB SAUCE is particularly suitable for these uses

  • As a sauce for all forms of kebab
  • For enriching homemade sauces
  • As a topping for salads

Who is the KEBAB SAUCE suitable for?

  • Dieters and figure-conscious people
  • Amateur chefs
  • People who want to avoid calories
  • People with a vegan diet

Kebab is popular all over the world! We've been thinking for a long time about how we can make this versatile dish even better for you! The result of this planning and considerations: The KEBAB SAUCE from BODY ATTACK!

Kebab always only with meat? Absolutely not! There are now a number of vegan versions of kebab dishes that you can easily recreate at home. Once your meat substitute is ready, the perfect sauce is waiting for you! The KEBAB SAUCE is completely lactose-free and of course vegan! Vegan kebab the way you want it!

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