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Body Attack

Body Attack Magnesium Liquid Orange 500ml

Body Attack Magnesium Liquid Orange 500ml

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Body Attack Magnesium Liquid provides high-dose magnesium citrate and vitamin C in liquid form. Magnesium citrate is an organic form that is well absorbed by the body. One daily portion - 25ml of the liquid - covers the daily requirement for magnesium and vitamin C. The involvement of magnesium in protein synthesis is particularly interesting for athletes. This is particularly important for building new muscle mass and supplying the muscles with nutrients. Protein is the essential building block if building muscle mass is to function smoothly.

Recommended consumption
1 dosage cap (25 ml) daily with or after any meal with plenty of liquid (200

Sensitive people may experience digestive problems. We therefore recommend taking it straight away
at meals. Shake before use. The specified
recommended daily consumption amount must not be exceeded

Water, magnesium citrate (9.8%), orange juice concentrate (8%), flavor, L-ascorbic acid, preservative
(potassium sorbate), sweeteners (sodium cyclamate, acesulfame
K, saccharin).

Function of magnesium
Magnesium has a variety of roles in various metabolic processes. It is actively involved in the body's electrolyte balance. It supports normal functioning of the nervous system and psyche as well as normal muscle function.

We get magnesium through food, for example it is found in legumes, nuts or whole grain products. However, athletes have an increased need. Here, supplementing with Body Attack Magnesium Liquid can be an effective aid to avoid undersupply.

Function of vitamin C
Vitamin C contributes to a normal immune system and is therefore a useful supplement, especially for athletes, as they put a lot of strain on their bodies. It also helps reduce fatigue and maintain normal energy metabolism.

Body Attack Magnesium Liquid for athletes
The liquid contains 375 mg magnesium and 160 mg vitamin C per daily serving. It has only a low calorific value and no fat. Therefore, you can easily take it as part of a diet. Since the need for minerals and vitamins increases with physical strain, Body Attack Magnesium Liquid is an optimal supplement for strength, game and endurance athletes.

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