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Body Attack

Body Attack POST ATTACK 3.0 900g

Body Attack POST ATTACK 3.0 900g

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The taste
  • Supports muscle building and regeneration
  • Patented active ingredients such as CREAZ® & Wheypep®
  • All-in-one formula after tough training sessions

Performers rely on products that make them better than ever. Athletes and fitness freaks agree: only the unique all-in-one formula of POST ATTACK 3.0 can do this! The mission: replenish empty memory after the toughest workouts. How it works? With the best raw materials, maximum sensible dosages and optimally coordinated active ingredients. Maltodextrin, ISO Whey, the creatine form CREAZ® and glutamine form the basis for muscle growth and regeneration. The rich nutrient mix makes our product the best post-workout shake for tough iron benders.

To support the following goals, POST ATTACK 3.0 is the right choice

  • Muscle building
  • Muscle maintenance and building
  • Nutrient supply after the workout

Who is POST ATTACK 3.0 suitable for?

  • For fitness and strength athletes
  • Fitness athletes who want to prevent protein shortages after training
  • For competitive athletes
  • For performers aiming to gain muscle and strength

The best post workout shake ever. Honest. This nutrient combination makes the mouths of fitness, bodybuilding and elite sports professionals water - even during training. Especially after these intensive sessions, your muscles require the right fuel to drive the gain. That's what it's there for - the POST ATTACK 3.0!

Extremes at the limit - with our dosage in POST ATTACK 3.0 we go to the maximum and present you with a nutrient matrix that has it all. Guaranteed not a sugar cocktail. This post workout shake features carbohydrates from maltodextrin. This is how to effectively recharge your carbohydrate stores after training!

The protein mixture of whey isolate and Wheypep® is just waiting to finally get to work in your muscles. Due to the gentle manufacturing process, Wheypep® offers an excellent amino acid profile and low lactose values. As a further benefit, your body absorbs it even faster - crazy!

Even better, even harder, even more effective with CREAZ®. 100% creatine* in its purest form with no frills. This is what the patented CREAZ® stands for. After training, your muscle cells are happy to be fed with this “fuel”. Do yourself a favor and get more power for your next session straight away! Our Post Workout Powder is the crystal clear benefit that sets you apart from other performers.


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