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Body Attack

Body Attack Protein Coffee - Cafe Latte (12*250ml)

Body Attack Protein Coffee - Cafe Latte (12*250ml)

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Body Attack's Protein Coffee is made from 100% pure Arabica beans, which are characterized by their mild taste. The protein it contains comes from milk. Coffee lovers will get their money's worth in terms of taste, as the Protein Coffee tastes deliciously like Caffè Latte.

No sugar has been added to the drink, meaning it only contains the natural lactose from milk and has also been sweetened with sucralose. The Protein Coffee is also fat-free and only provides 146 kcal per can.

One can provides a whopping 25g of protein and 75mg of caffeine. Protein contributes to building muscle. Caffeine is also interesting for athletes because it increases endurance and concentration during training. Protein Coffee is therefore a great drink for athletes who are looking for an alternative to conventional protein shakes, boosters or energy drinks.

Contents: 250 ml
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