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FA Nutrition NAPALM Shred 30 servings

FA Nutrition NAPALM Shred 30 servings

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FA XTREME NAPALM SHRED is a product for people looking for effective and comprehensive support when working on a slim body. The product's multi-ingredient formula guarantees a multidimensional effect on the body, which is a real help in the fight against stubborn fat tissue and unwanted weight. The product was prepared in the form of convenient sachets with capsules and tablets. The formula is aimed at recreational athletes, professional athletes and all lovers of a healthy and varied diet - the product does not require any investment in additional half-measures and guarantees effective effects.

What are the benefits of FA XTREME NAPALM SHRED?

  • A composition of 35 active ingredients in 5 different complexes - the rich composition guarantees an effective effect on many levels
  • Many valuable ingredients with a positive effect on the weight loss process, such as diuretics, components that support digestive processes, stimulants that improve the function of the nervous system and protect against fatigue
  • A blend of black and green tea extracts is a valuable source of EGCG, polyphenols and theaflavin, which support weight loss and maintaining healthy body dimensions
  • Gingerols contained in ginger extract promote increased postprandial thermogenesis and have positive effects on lipid metabolism
  • Choline supplementation supports normal liver function and has a positive effect on homocysteine ​​and fat metabolism
  • Caffeine (e.g. obtained from green tea and guarana extracts) supports weight loss, has a positive effect on reducing fatigue and adds energy, which affects exercise capacity
  • The presence of natural adaptogens (e.g. ashwagandha and bacopa minor extract) is valuable in the context of combating stress and supporting cognitive functions

Serving size: 1 sachet

Servings per container: 30

Amount in:

1 sachet

Cola Nut (seed) extract

150 mg

Caffeine anhydrous

91.6 mg

Guarana seed extract (22% caffeine)

77mg (16.9mg)

Grapefruit fruit extract

75 mg

Panax ginseng root extract

75 mg

Siberian ginseng root extract

24 mg

Digestive complex

610 mg

Apple pectin

225 mg

Psyllium husk seeds extract

100 mg

Olive leaf extract

80 mg

Green coffee bean extract (50% ACG)

60mg (30mg)

Cinnamon bark extract

50 mg

Piper nigrum seed extract (95% piperine)

10mg (9.5mg)

Salvia officinalis leaf extract

5 mg

Cayenne pepper fruit extract (1% capsaicin)

5mg (0.05mg)

Green & Black Tea Complex

913.8 mg

Green tea leaves extracts complex

838.8 mg

Green tea leaves extract (45% EGCG)

310mg (139.5mg)

Green tea leaves extract (90% polyphenols)

300mg (270mg)

Green tea leaves extract (40% caffeine)

228.8 mg (91.5 mg)

Black tea leaves extract (20% theaflavins)

75mg (15mg)

Natural Diuretic Complex

1103 mg

Dandelion root extract

300 mg

Ginger root extract (5% gingerols)

220mg (11mg)

Uve Ursi root extract

200 mg

Nettle root extract

100 mg

Yerba mate leaf extract

182.9 mg

Burdock root extract

25 mg

Celery seed extract

25 mg

Juniper berry fruit

25 mg


25 mg

Adaptogen Complex

1068 mg


245 mg

Gotu Kola leaves extract

225 mg

Choline bitartrate

225 mg

of which choline

92.3 mg

Withania somnifera root extract (2.5% withanolides)

223 mg (5.6 mg)

Fish phosphatidylserine

100 mg

Bacopa monnieri herb extract

50 mg

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