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Genius Nutrition

Genius Nutrition LIPO-X5 60 capsules

Genius Nutrition LIPO-X5 60 capsules

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Every cell in your body has a fat-burning furnace just waiting to be lit.

Not only will your body discover how to turn it on, but you'll also gain much more control over what you put into your body by eliminating energy deficiencies.

LIPO X5 is a fat burner that we recommend to bodybuilders and recreational athletes who want to accelerate the process of losing excess fat, of course with an appropriate diet and training program.

The lipotropic ingredients in LIPO X5 play an important role in the body's utilization (melting) of fat. They work synergistically by increasing energy levels, boosting the body's metabolism, melting fat deposits and significantly helping the body transport and break down fat.

It also keeps blood sugar levels stable and suppresses excessive appetite.

This fat burning formula increases your temperature and heart rate so you sweat more and burn more calories.

And it is a complex consisting of 9 components necessary for normal carbohydrate metabolism. A combination of tyrosine (NALT), capsaicin, L-theanine and caffeine can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and promote satiety, lipolysis and thermogenesis. LIPO X5 also contains pure synephrine HCL, which provides more endurance and has no influence on the loss of muscle mass. Just fatty deposits.

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