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GN Caffeine Boost - 120 caps

GN Caffeine Boost - 120 caps

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Caffeine Boost Health Line
GN Laboratories Caffeine Boost The most effective stimulant legally available just got better!

GN Laboratories Caffeine Boost - Caffeine, a member of the methylxanthine group, is probably the most effective legally available stimulant that some experts even say would probably require a prescription if it were not for the widespread consumption of coffee and tea in our society from a cultural perspective would be firmly anchored. Can such an effective stimulating substance be improved? The answer is “actually not”, although there is a big “BUT”: you can extend the duration of caffeine’s effect in the body by adding naringenin, as naringenin inhibits the enzyme cytochrome 450, which, among other things, is responsible for breaking down caffeine is – and that’s exactly what we did. This means you can benefit from the full effects of caffeine for longer and further increase your performance. But what actually makes caffeine so interesting for athletes?

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- Caffeine 200 mg

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