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GN Cluster Dextrin - 1000g bag

GN Cluster Dextrin - 1000g bag

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Perhaps the most advanced form of carbohydrate with unrivaled absorption that will provide you with incredible, fast-acting, long-lasting workout energy and dramatically accelerate your recovery without causing unwanted fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin levels

Product highlights

  • Better solubility and better absorption than virtually any other carbohydrate source
  • Sustained maximum energy without undesirable sharp increases in blood sugar or insulin levels
  • Delivers sustained energy faster than almost all other carbohydrates without the sudden drop in performance seen with dextrose and other high glycemic carbohydrates
  • Can delay the onset of fatigue by up to 70% and significantly increase training performance
  • According to studies, it is more effective than dextrose and maltodextrin
  • Can reduce the inflammatory response after training and accelerate recovery
  • Thanks to the quick passage through the stomach, there is no unnecessary strain on the digestive tract when taken before and during training

What is cluster dextrin and why is it significantly superior to practically all other carbohydrate supplements?
Cluster dextrin is a relatively new, innovative form of carbohydrate that is produced enzymatically from starch and has very interesting benefits for athletes that classic carbohydrate supplements cannot offer.

Compared to dextrose, maltodextrin and co, cluster dextrin has a higher molecular weight and higher osmolarity due to its unique complex molecular structure. In addition, it is much more soluble than most other carbohydrates and can be absorbed better and faster by the body.

All of this means that cluster dextrin can pass through the stomach much more quickly than other carbohydrate supplements and enter the small intestine much more quickly, where it is absorbed and released into the bloodstream (2). This means that cluster dextrin provides you with energy faster than virtually any other carbohydrate source, while at the same time placing much less strain on the digestive tract.

However, fast energy is only one side of the coin. Most quickly usable carbohydrates such as dextrose can also provide energy relatively quickly, but they have a crucial disadvantage: they enter the blood very quickly, which leads to spikes in blood sugar levels and a resulting strong insulin reaction. The insulin quickly lowers blood sugar again, which leads to a rapid drop in your performance after a short performance peak.

Quite apart from the fact that no athlete needs such a rollercoaster of performance, such blood sugar fluctuations are anything but healthy in the long term.

Here too, cluster dextrin is vastly superior. In addition to providing energy faster than most other carbohydrate supplements, it raises blood sugar levels less strongly but is stable over a longer period of time, which means nothing more than long-lasting, maximum energy without a dip.

Quickly available and long-lasting energy is exactly what you need to be able to perform at maximum levels for longer during intense and brutal training sessions, which will result in maximum gains in strength and muscle mass. For endurance athletes, this means longer maximum performance, which can and will make the difference between victory and defeat.

In addition, it has been shown that cluster dextrin can significantly reduce levels of stress hormones and markers of inflammation in triathletes compared to dextrose. This will not only further increase your performance, but also significantly accelerate your regeneration after training .

This all sounds almost too good to be true in theory, but what does it all look like in practice? Numerous studies give a clear answer here. These studies show, for example, that cluster dextrin increases performance during training more than maltodextrin, which is so popular with athletes.

Other studies have shown that cluster dextrin can increase the time to fatigue during exercise by up to 70% compared to dextrose.

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