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GN Ecdysterone 60 capsules

GN Ecdysterone 60 capsules

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Best of all, Ecydsterone can be taken by both male and female athletes without fear of side effects and long-term damage.

Here is a short excerpt from the current study. Spinach in the sights of doping investigators - The study

What are the effects of ecdysterone? There are now well over 50 studies on ecdysterone, with one general agreement: Ecdysterone is safe to take and it improves a lot of body functions...without side effects. What other effects can taking ecdysterone have? One term: muscle building. In addition, there are also the following other highlights that are backed by research:

  • a sharp increase in lean muscle mass.
  • improved endurance.
  • increased protein synthesis.
  • generally increases the protein and glycogen content in the muscles.
  • a metabolic stimulation.
  • an improvement in nerve functions and increased production of red blood cells.
  • ensures improved nutrient transport into the muscles and organs.
  • Fights high cortisol levels and therefore has anti-catabolic properties.
  • generally increases performance, including muscle strength, increases lung capacity, maximum oxygen uptake and increases the exhalation of carbon dioxide.
  • a reduction in blood sugar levels
  • a reduction in adipose tissue.
  • Improvement of many body functions, such as those of the brain and liver.
  • Ecdysterone is safe for men, women, and even teenagers.
  • Prevents the loss of lean muscle mass, supports the development of muscle fibers.

All of these effects, which are interesting for athletes, can be achieved by taking ecdysterone without side effects, more specifically, it comes to:

  • no conversion into estrogenic components.
  • no liver toxicity.
  • no increase in blood pressure.
  • no testicular shrinkage.
  • no adverse effect on the hormonal system.
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