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GN HYDROCYN - Glycerin - 200g

GN HYDROCYN - Glycerin - 200g

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HYDROCYN™ - Glycerin

  • The insider tip from professional bodybuilding and competitive sports for maximum cell volumization, an insane pump, optimal hydration, increased blood volume, insane vascularity and incredible definition is now available in practical powder form!
  • Product highlights
  • An extreme, skin-busting pump through a dramatic increase in muscle cell volume
  • Increased blood volume for a further increase in pumps and insane vascularity
  • Powerful anabolic effect and increased muscle building by maximizing muscle cell volume
  • Completely natural and free of harmful side effects
  • Works synergistically with creatine and can increase its effect enormously
  • Improved definition, vascularity and muscle hardness for competitive bodybuilders
  • Significantly increased strength
  • Can significantly improve the performance of endurance athletes.
  • Build your own pump supplement tailored to your needs!

One of the best kept secrets in bodybuilding and competitive sports
When it comes to maximizing muscle cell volume, most athletes and bodybuilders usually immediately think of creatine, but there is another, completely natural and harmless active ingredient that has long been a well-kept secret in the field of bodybuilding and competitive sports General was: glycerin. But glycerin can do much more than just increase muscle cell volume. In addition to increasing muscle cell volume, glycerin can significantly enhance the effects of creatine, significantly improve the body's hydration state and even increase blood volume. This results in a whole range of very interesting applications for bodybuilders and competitive endurance athletes, which we will go into in more detail shortly.

Glycerin is a compound that occurs naturally in the human body and forms the “backbone” of dietary fats to which three fatty acids are attached. The fact that glycerin has never really been able to establish itself in the supplement industry is probably primarily due to the fact that pure glycerin is a viscous liquid that, in its undiluted form, severely irritates the mucous membranes and should under no circumstances be consumed pure. These problems are circumvented by the patented HYDROCYN™, which is a stable glycerin powder dosage form that contains a whopping 65% glycerin compared to inferior glycerin monostearate powder, which only contains about 10% glycerin. This makes HYDROCYN™ the most highly concentrated form of glycerin in powder form.

Recommended consumption
Dissolve 2.5 g of powder in at least 500 ml of water every day and drink. Preferably 30 minutes before training.

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