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GN baking soda 120 capsules

GN baking soda 120 capsules

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Product description

Gastric juice-resistant encapsulated sodium hydrogen carbonate to treat and prevent hyperacidification of the body and to increase athletic performance both in the weight room and in endurance sports

What are the benefits of baking soda?
- Baking soda can increase endurance
- Baking soda can delay the onset of muscle failure and thereby increase training performance
- Baking soda can prevent hyperacidity in the body and relieve symptoms of existing hyperacidity
- Baking soda can potentially relieve strain on the kidneys
- Baking soda can potentially improve insulin sensitivity

In contrast to ordinary baking soda tablets, baking soda from GN does not cause any stomach problems or other undesirable side effects due to its gastric juice-resistant encapsulation.

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