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Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone Amino Surge 500g

Kevin Levrone Amino Surge 500g

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The composition of LEVRONE LEVRO AMINO SURGE is a precisely prepared composition of the most important endo- and exogenous amino acids, selected in the optimal ratio. The nutritional supplement formula contains, among other things, instantiated BCAA amino acids, EAA complex, L-glutamine and a number of other protein and muscle components. With each serving of the product you can enrich your daily diet with up to 15 g of pure amino acids! The formula was free of unnecessary additives. The supplement is available in the form of an easily soluble powder with fruity and refreshing flavors. The product formula is primarily recommended for lovers of recreational activities and professional athletes - it is ideal for people practicing bodybuilding, fitness, Olympic buoys and other strength and endurance disciplines.

What are the benefits of LEVRONE LEVRO AMINO SURGE ingredients
Rich composition of amino acids - optimally selected proportions of the components used ensure multi-dimensional support
Amino acids are essential components of a daily diet and primarily contribute to building proteins and muscles
The BCAA amino acid complex may be important for protein synthesis and muscle regeneration[1,2,3]
Exogenous EAA amino acids influence muscle-building protein synthesis[1,4,5]
L-Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids that may be valuable for protein synthesis and glycogen resynthesis[1,6]
Glycine may affect cognitive function, sleep quality, and reduce fatigue[7,8]

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