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MST - Beta Alanine + Caffeine 90 tabs.

MST - Beta Alanine + Caffeine 90 tabs.

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MST Beta-Alanine + Caffeine is a source of beta amino acids called beta-alanine in tablet form. The supplement is in demand among athletes who want to maintain their body during intense and heavy training sessions and recover better after training. It is recommended for athletes who want to build muscle mass and increase the performance of their training.

Increase carnosine levels, used by muscle cells to control pH, by taking beta-alanine. Due to the high concentration of such a substance, during physical exertion, muscles are less oxidized and lactic acid, ammonia, hydrogen and other metabolites are excreted faster. This allows you to work longer and more intensely, increasing endurance and strength.

One serving (2 tablets) contains 2000 mg of high quality beta-alanine
200 mg caffeine
The supplement can be used for both muscle building and weight loss
It is also in demand if you want to become stronger and more durable
Taking pills is very easy and convenient

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