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MST - Citrulline 2:1 - 500g neutral RAW

MST - Citrulline 2:1 - 500g neutral RAW

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Why should you buy Citrulline Malate MST NUTRITION?

  • Increasing muscle building
  • Particularly effective in combination with strength training
  • Promote blood flow
  • Positive effects on physical resilience

Do you give 100% performance in everyday life and during sport? Are you constantly testing your physical limits and still being relaxed and active in everyday life? Then your muscle performance should be particularly important to you. With MST Citrulline we offer you a very special amino acid in drinkable pure form with the highest degree of purity. No matter whether movements in everyday life, recreational sports or heavy weight training. Your long-term performance will thank you for purchasing MST Citrulline powder.

Recommended intake
DOSAGE? Dissolve powder in 300ml water and take in the morning or before physical activity. The stated daily consumption amount must not be exceeded.

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