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MST - Glutamine 500g

MST - Glutamine 500g

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MST - Glutamine RAW 500g

  • Optimal regeneration
  • Particularly effective in combination with strength training
  • Positive effects on physical resilience
  • Usual high MST quality at the best price

Do you give 100% performance in everyday life and during sport? Are you constantly testing your physical limits and still being relaxed and active in everyday life? Then you should also be particularly concerned about the functionality of your immune system. With MST Glutamine we offer you a very effective amino acid in drinkable pure form with a high degree of purity. No matter whether stress in everyday life, recreational sports or heavy weight training. Your general performance will thank you for purchasing MST glutamine powder.

Glutamine – the forgotten amino acid?
In addition to the three branched chain essential amino acids (branched chain amino acids) valine, isoleucine and leucine, glutamine is also one of the most important proteinogenic amino acids. Because our body needs these as building blocks for protein biosynthesis. Both glutamine powder and a supplement with BCAAs are therefore very important for muscle regeneration and help to keep the glutamine level in the blood high, especially during high physical exertion, so this is exactly the right thing for those who do sports Design training with high intensity.

Glutamine helps the immune system
The immune system uses glutamine as an energy source for rapidly dividing cells. This particularly affects the so-called killer cells, which attack foreign pathogens and render them harmless. Adequate supply is therefore a crucial factor for the functioning of your immune system.
High physical stress (e.g. through hard work, long intensive training sessions, infections, operations or stress) increases your need for the amino acid. If this can no longer be covered by food or self-synthesis, an undersupply occurs, which also impairs immune function.
In medicine, glutamine is currently administered to support people with very weak immune status. At the same time, a significantly lower susceptibility to infection can also be demonstrated among athletes when taking the amino acid.
Glutamine also has a positive influence on the physical acid-base ratio and thus supports general regeneration and well-being.

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