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MST - Protein HydroWhey 900g can

MST - Protein HydroWhey 900g can

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HydroWhey is a protein supplement made from hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.

Benefits of HydroWhey:

  • Faster recording:

HydroWhey is absorbed into the body more quickly than other types of whey protein due to its hydrolyzed state. This rapid absorption makes it ideal for athletes who need protein quickly after training to repair and build their muscles.

  • Low content of carbohydrates and fats:

HydroWhey typically contains little to no carbohydrates or fats, making it a good choice for athletes following a low-carb or low-fat diet.

  • Improved muscle recovery:

HydroWhey's rapid absorption can also help improve muscle recovery as it quickly provides muscles with the necessary nutrients to recover and repair. By using HydroWhey as a supplement, athletes can improve their training performance and accelerate their muscle recovery.

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