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Olimp Chela Mag B6 Forte Shot 20 Amp.

Olimp Chela Mag B6 Forte Shot 20 Amp.

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When you need magnesium!

One of the first dietary supplements in the world to contain a high dose of magnesium in liquid form in the form of amino acid chelate ALBION®. The dose of 375 mg of pure magnesium ions covers 100% of the organism's daily requirement for this mineral. The mega dose of magnesium has been enriched with vitamin B6. All of this in a handy 25 ml ampoule that guarantees convenient application and the ability to use it at any time.

Chela Mag B6® Forte SHOT not only impresses with its dosage, but also with its unique orange and cherry flavors.

The handy ampoule ensures maximum comfort of use:
- easy and applicable at any time
- it is not necessary to take many capsules or tablets
- easy to transport

Ingredients: Water, 8.3% magnesium bisglycinate (as magnesium amino acid chelate), acidity regulator - citric acid, flavor, sweeteners - sucralose, acesulfame K, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), preservative - E 200, coloring: beta-carotene (for orange flavor and pineapple flavor ), Mixed carotenes, carmine (if taste: church, grapefruit). Best before see left under nutritional value table on the front of the packaging. Contents: 25ml

Recommended dosage: Drink 1 serving (25 ml = 1 ampoule) once daily after eating. Shake before use. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Keep out of reach of children. A balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended.

The preparation is intended for recreational athletes and endurance athletes. Certainly, Chela Mag B6® Forte SHOT is intended for people who are exposed to stress, who are in a constant hurry, who are professionally active, whose work is associated with a high degree of responsibility and risk, which puts a physical or physical strain on the organism. The preparation Chela Mag B6® Forte SHOT can certainly be recommended to people who are hypersensitive to stimuli and who experience discomfort as a result. Particularly recommended for people who do not want or cannot take large amounts of capsules or tablets.

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