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Peak Ecdysterone 120 capsules

Peak Ecdysterone 120 capsules

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Ecdysterone – The best of spinach
The plant sterol ecdysterone could be the reason why Popeye never left the house without a can of spinach. Sterols are steroid hormones that occur naturally in the animal and plant world. Spinach in particular contains relevant amounts of ecdysterone, which is why Peak Performance Products uses it to make Ecdysterone. Ecdysterone provides 25 mg of ecdysterone plus 250 mg of the protein-forming amino acid leucine per capsule.

The latest study is attracting attention
Beta-ecdysterone is currently gaining a lot of attention in the sports scene. The background to this is a new study that was carried out on experienced athletes with strength training.
In conjunction with taking beta-ecdysterone, there were noticeable improvements in some performance markers, as well as a significant increase in muscle mass.

A notice :
We explicitly point out that “Ecdysterone” is not the product “Ecdysone”, but a new product with a different composition. However, we guarantee that, to the best of our knowledge, we will only use the highest-dose spinach extract that is currently available on the raw materials market.

Recommended consumption
Consume 2 - 4 capsules per day with liquid with meals that are as high in protein as possible.
Sales name
Dietary supplement in capsule form with spinach extract and L-leucine.
special instructions
Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. A balanced and varied diet as well as a healthy lifestyle are basic requirements for the functionality of this product. The stated recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. Please keep the product out of the reach of children.
Packaging unit(s)
Tin with 120 capsules of 900 mg = 108 g
Best before date
2 years - Use within 3 months of opening. Please store closed, dry, protected from light and at normal room temperature.
May contain traces of milk, soy, gluten and egg.

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