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QNT Amino Load Punch Flavor 12 x 500ml

QNT Amino Load Punch Flavor 12 x 500ml

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Amino Load is similar to the Metapure product, but carbohydrates in the form of glucose (syrup) have been added to the Amino Load. Dear athlete, please don't let the addition of a carbohydrate source unsettle you. Carbohydrates during training are essential for athletic performance and best performance in workouts because they serve as energy supply. In addition, carbohydrates fill the depleted glycogen stores after an intensive workout so that you have full capacity for your next training session. Carbohydrates also indirectly promote your regeneration and allow you and your organism to “shut down”. The glucose used here is quickly metabolized by your organism, which is why Amino Load is ideal as an intra- and post-workout.

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