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Sinob Rice Pudding 3kg

Sinob Rice Pudding 3kg

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Our tenderly melting Core Instant Rice Pudding is the ideal energy supplier for all athletes, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Whether as a light snack - as a pre- or post-workout - in the building or definition phase - with our Core Instant Rice Pudding you can conjure up a delicate, creamy, delicious snack in just 2 minutes. Simply add cold or warm water, stir and you're done. Ideal when things have to go quickly between work and training. Combined with your favorite Honest Whey or Flasty, it gives you that absolute rice pudding feeling in countless flavor variations.

  • 100% Instant Rice Pudding using a special manufacturing process
  • perfect, creamy consistency
  • Endless variety of flavors when combined with Flasty or Honest Whey
  • Use with cold, warm or hot water/milk/etc
  • not just rice flour, semolina or cheap swelling flour
  • 100% hydrothermally digested starch for optimal compatibility
  • Ideal as a low-fat snack, as a pre- or post-workout or as a snack on the go
  • perfect for rice pudding, porridge, pancakes, cakes etc.
  • perfect for intolerances and celiac disease 100% gluten-free!
  • Andreas Bosse approved

Recommended intake
Pour 100 g rice flakes (approx. 8 tablespoons) into 500 ml hot or cold water, stir and enjoy

ingredient list
100% rice flour (100% gluten free)

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