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Zoomad Whey ZOO 1360g

Zoomad Whey ZOO 1360g

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Daily intake of high-quality nutrients is important for building and maintaining muscles. Muscles love “good food” as much as we do.

Treat your muscles and your taste buds to WheyZoo , a WPC80 protein with high biological value, fantastic, instantly dissolving flavors and a complete aminogram. Enriched with DIGEZYME®, a combination of 5 patented enzymes selected to facilitate digestion and nutrient absorption, reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases and intolerances and maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract, these enzymes being derived from microbial sources Sources are obtained, meaning they are not of animal origin and do not contain gluten.

Complete your breakfast with 30g of WheyZoo , perfect as a replacement or supplement to meals in times of muscle definition, it provides high quality nutrients with almost no calorie intake. Achieving the minimum daily protein requirement for muscle building is very difficult and costly without your favorite protein shakes. WheyZoo offers 45 shakes of 30g each that will help you achieve your goals and needs.

WheyZoo was developed by and for athletes who are looking for the best value for money.

Dosage (1 serving = 30 g)

Complete your breakfast with 30 g of WheyZoo, perfect as a meal replacement or as a supplement when building muscle.

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