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Big Zone

Big Zone Battle Isolate 1000g

Big Zone Battle Isolate 1000g

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The taste

In addition to the usual whey protein concentrate, there are other dosage forms of proteins. The respective filtration processes in production result in differences in sugar/fat or protein content, among other things. Accompanying substances or residues of the original forms of the respective protein type can also be filtered out.

The whey protein isolate is created through the so-called ultrafiltration process. Isolate is best known for its lower sugar and fat content as well as a higher protein content. The ultrafiltration process also filters out the last lactose residues, resulting in much better tolerability. This is precisely why isolate is often the protein of choice for lactose intolerant people.

  • delicious taste
  • Whey protein isolate
  • Perfect for topping up protein in shakes

Recommended intake
Stir 30 g (1 measuring spoon) into 150 ml of cold water and preferably consume before and after training.

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