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Big Zone

Big Zone Heat Up 240g can

Big Zone Heat Up 240g can

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Big Zone Heat Up

How does a diet work? Bodybuilding is all about bringing the best combination of muscle mass, proportions and toughness to the competition stage on Day-X. That's why athletes work with alternating phases of bulking and dieting. While building mass is primarily about building muscle mass, the last 3 to 5 months before the competition are primarily spent reducing body fat in order to make the muscles and all their details as visible as possible. By far the most important factor that determines the buildup of muscle mass and loss of body fat is the calorie balance. In the long term, an athlete must consume more calories than they burn to gain body tissue and, conversely, eat fewer calories than they burn to lose body fat. In order to place well in competitions, bodybuilders must achieve a body fat percentage that is so low that it can only be maintained for a few days to weeks. The last few weeks of competition preparation are particularly demanding when it comes to achieving this extreme state. The majority of athletes use various means to support fat loss. However, some substances, such as various vitamins and minerals, are said to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. And still other substances are used by athletes and their coaches with the intention of regulating hunger and appetite. A third category of dietary supplements aims to support the release of body fat so that it can be burned more effectively through targeted activity, such as the popular cardio on an empty stomach.

How to take Big Zone Heat Up? One portion of Heat Up corresponds to 8 g, or 1 level measuring spoon. These should be taken in the morning or before physical activity as needed. To do this, mix the powder in 300 ml of cold water.


  • cardio support
  • high quality raw materials
  • strong composition
  • Incl. measuring spoon

Take a portion of 8g powder (1 scoop) as needed in the morning or before physical activity

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