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Body Attack

Body Attack Extreme Whey Deluxe 2.3kg

Body Attack Extreme Whey Deluxe 2.3kg

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The taste

The Extreme Whey Deluxe from Body Attack – know-how from over 12 years of development for your perfect protein supply. The triple whey formula provides you with a high-quality combination of excellent protein sources that ideally support your training. Faster, more efficient and with a maximum of protein: a whopping 84%* quickly available protein for your muscle building. Another plus: The high L-glutamine content accelerates your regeneration and gets you fit for the next workout more quickly. Of course aspartame-free, low sugar and low fat. Whether as whey vanilla or whey protein chocolate, this protein powder is just as delicious as a milkshake. The flavors are also available as whey samples!

Triple Whey Complex

The Extreme Whey Deluxe from Body Attack comes with an optimized recipe. It consists of ultrafiltered and ion-exchanged whey protein concentrate, microfiltered whey isolate and whey hydrolysate. The multi-component whey protein only supplies biologically high-quality proteins.

Cross-flow microfiltration for gentle processing

The CFM process (Cross Flow Microfiltration) is one of the best protein production processes because the raw materials are processed more gently in this process. This not only ensures the best possible quality, but also reduces the carbohydrate and fat content in the end product. Nutrients that influence taste are filtered, creating a significantly better taste.

High quality amino acid balance

The gentle production process also preserves all the essential amino acids, which are quickly available to the body after hard training sessions. With an average BCAA value of 8,500 mg per shake, the muscle proteins are optimally supplied. Muscle building is supported and muscle breakdown is counteracted.

Faster absorption of nutrients

The improved Extreme Whey Deluxe formula contains the multi-enzyme complex DigeZyme® (combination of amylase, protease, galacosidase, lipase and cellulase). These five enzymes work together to ensure that macronutrients are broken down more easily and quickly. These are therefore easier to tolerate and are available to the body more quickly.

The rapid breakdown of proteins into amino acids ensures that protein synthesis is increased and the muscles are optimally supplied. The multienzyme complex particularly benefits people with a more sensitive digestive tract and anyone who wants quick nutrient absorption.

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