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MST - BCAA Zero 540g / 90 Serv.

MST - BCAA Zero 540g / 90 Serv.

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MST - BCAA Zero 520g / 90 Serv.

  • ZERO sugar!
  • Classically proven amino acid profile of 2:1:1
  • High solubility
  • Made in Germany

Are you looking for the right supplement to optimally supply your muscles during exercise and counteract a premature drop in energy? Are you constantly trying to test your physical limits and start the next day fresh and regenerated? Then you should be concerned about an optimal supply of the right amino acids. With the brand new MST BCAA ZERO formula, we offer you an essential amino acid product not just for competitive athletes. Regardless of whether it's performance in everyday life, recreational sports or heavy weight training. Your body will thank you for constantly being supplied with the right amino acids.

Three amino acids for muscle protection
As is well known, BCAA stands for Branched-Chain Amino Acids and means branched-chain amino acids. These are the three essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. Since the body cannot produce these itself, it is particularly important to consume them through food.
The MST BCAA ZERO contains an amount of 5000mg BCAAs per serving. Above all, the amino acid leucine, which is contained in 2500 mg, supports protein synthesis in the body and can contribute to significantly better muscle building.
BCAAs also fulfill an important role in protecting against muscle breakdown. Especially in the case of a calorie deficit, the body's own amino acids from the muscles can be used to generate energy. This can be prevented by specifically taking the amino acids before exercise.

Diet but with enjoyment
The MST BCAA Zero are particularly suitable for diets, as their low calorie content makes them a refreshing sports drink that not only nourishes your muscles, but also tastes absolutely delicious. With no added sugar and only 20 calories per serving, the MST BCAA Zero can hardly be distinguished from a soft drink. In particular, the otherwise difficult solubility of the BCAA amino acids has been completely revised here and the anabolic drink is immediately available to you in just a few seconds of preparation. So you can enjoy delicious and sensible meals without your diet getting out of hand. The BCAAs are not only perfect to take pre- and post-workout but can also be enjoyed all day long.

Recommended intake
Dissolve 6 g of powder in 200-400 ml of water daily and take in the morning or before physical activity.

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