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MST - Creatine Kick 500g

MST - Creatine Kick 500g

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MST Nutrition Creatine Kick

  • 7 powerful creatines in one formula!
  • With Siberian Ginseng + L – Citrulline
  • For body & mind

Are you looking for the right supplement to give your body the maximum increase in strength during sport? Would you like to build maximum muscle mass and give your strength values ​​a measurable jump? Then a high-quality creatine preparation should play your part. With the MST Creatine Kick we offer you a sophisticated creatine preparation not only for competitive athletes but also for hobby athletes. Your strength and mass gains will not go unnoticed. With your purchase, we not only guarantee you definitive effective performance but also high-quality compositions and raw materials - and at the best price. Highest quality at an affordable price? Now finally available in Germany!

The Creatine Formula Plus
Why just do it when you can do it multiple times? When it comes to building strength and mass, why should you only rely on one active ingredient when you can use several at the same time?

Turn on your turbo now and don't waste time!
Creatine in the new innovative formula with 7 strong creatine components plus alkaline pH buffer, which ensures maximum creatine absorption without charging times!

The MST Creatine Kick not only gives you the impetus towards quick results, it also acts as a pusher for your workout! The immediate absorption into the muscles and the interaction of the different forms of creatine PLUS Siberian ginseng and L-citrulline make it an unbeatable muscle starter! L – Citrulline ensures direct blood flow and your training can start straight away without a long wait!

Creatine is by far one of the most popular, because it is the most efficient, dietary supplements for building muscle and providing a powerful boost in performance for your training - this has been scientifically proven several times: Creatine increases physical performance during speed training as part of short-term intensive physical activity (with a daily intake of at least 3g !). Our body can only sustain intense stress over a short period of time because adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the primary energy source for all metabolic processes and physical exertion, is only stored to a limited extent in the muscle cells. These reserves are used up within a few seconds when stress occurs. The MST Creatine KICK ensures resynthesis during short, intense muscle stimuli and is used to restore ATP. Creatine can support ATP production, which means that very high muscular strain can be sustained for longer. But that's not all: the Siberian ginseng used here has been verified in studies to also have a positive influence on ATP metabolism!

The MST Nutrition formula is also particularly effective for muscle cells and fibers, as creatine is broken down into the ineffective creatinine in liquids with a pH value that is too low. The pH buffer used by MST ensures that the creatines remain stable and are protected from stomach acid. Thanks to this well-thought-out overall formula, a maximum of creatine reaches your muscles and is available there for a long time, ready for immediate use to improve your performance! Purchasing the MST Creatine Kick guarantees you a highly developed combination product with the most reliable active ingredients and should be on the plan of every ambitious strength athlete.

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