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ProFuel veePRO protein bars pack of 12

ProFuel veePRO protein bars pack of 12

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The taste

veePRO protein bars

  • 27% protein per bar
  • Sweetened with stevia
  • Creamy and delicate
  • Coated with fine rice milk chocolate
  • High fiber content: 23%
  • High-quality vegetable protein
  • No soy protein & no dyes
  • 5 delicious flavors

Vegan protein bars with the best taste - the new veePRO protein bars
The perfect vegan protein bar: A creamy, delicate filling covered with fine rice milk chocolate - that makes the veePRO protein bar what it is: namely one of the tastiest and highest quality vegan protein bars. Our veePRO protein bar not only impresses with the best ingredients, vegetable protein in the form of a protein blend, but it also impresses with its exceptionally delicious taste and optimal nutritional values. Give your body that extra portion of protein: whether you're traveling, in the office, at university, after training or whenever you feel like a delicious power snack - the veePRO protein bar fits in every bag and is available in 5 delicious flavors never boring and the right choice for every situation.

veePRO protein bar contains a whopping 20 grams of vegan protein and thus optimally supplies your muscles with valuable protein. We use fiber instead of sugar for our vegan protein bars. Compared to classic chocolate bars, veePRO protein bars contain up to 90% less sugar. And the high fiber content of our protein bars not only stimulates your digestion, but also creates a pleasant feeling of satiety.

veePRO | vegan protein bars | Recommended intake

Recommended time of intake

  • On the way
  • As a snack
  • After training

veePRO Protein Bar Cookies & Cream | Ingredients
Protein mixture (pea protein isolate, rice protein concentrate), fructo-oligosaccharides, isomalto-oligosaccharides*, cocoa-containing fat glaze (cane sugar, cocoa mass, vegetable oils [coconut, rapeseed], rice milk powder [dried rice syrup, rice starch, rice flour], emulsifier soy lecithin, aroma, stabilizer carrageenan), Rapeseed oil, emulsifier soy lecithin, 3.0% chocolate biscuit pieces (rice flour, sweetener maltitol, corn starch, palm oil, cocoa powder, corn flour, inulin, sunflower oil, raising agent sodium hydrogen carbonate, thickener xanthan gum, salt, emulsifier sunflower lecithin, flavor), flavoring, humectant glycerol, thickener carboxymethyl cellulose, Antioxidant (rosemary extract, extracts with a high tocopherol content of natural origin), sweetener steviol glycosides. Note: *Isomalto-oligosaccharides are a source of glucose.

veePRO Protein Bar Cookies & Cream | Nutritional values

Nutritional Information per 100g per bar (74 g)
calorific value 1739 kJ / 416 kcal 1287 kJ / 308 kcal
Fat 21.1g 15.6g
- hereof: saturated fatty acids 7.6g 5.6g
carbohydrates 18.1g 13.4g
- of which sugar 8.7g 6.5g
fiber 22.8g 16.8g
protein 27.1g 20.0g
Salt 0.62g 0.46g

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