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ProFuel Zinc Drops 100ml (2700 drops)

ProFuel Zinc Drops 100ml (2700 drops)

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ZINK Drops Forte - bioavailable zinc sulfate - extra high dosage with 3 mg zinc per drop
Our ZINK Drops Forte contain high-quality zinc sulfate, dissolved in purified water. The zinc is therefore in ionic form and so the body can optimally absorb and utilize this mineral. With 3 mg zinc per drop, our ZINK Drops Forte are extra high-dose and, with 8 drops per day (24 mg zinc), not only perfectly cover the basic zinc requirement, but also any additional requirement, e.g. due to intensive sport.

Zinc is a true all-rounder and supports our health in many ways: starting with the immune system and cell protection, through maintaining normal skin, hair and nails to cell division and the formation of important hormones. The ZINK Drops Forte provide your body with zinc in a bioavailable form, thus ensuring the best possible supply of this essential mineral.

Recommended intake
Recommended time of intake

  • In the morning
  • Midday
  • At evening

Take 5 or 8 ZINC drops as needed. To do this, please add the drops to approx. 300 ml of water or juice and take with a meal. Please do not take on an empty stomach. You can also divide the daily dose into several doses, e.g. 3 drops in the morning and 3 drops at lunch and another 2 ZINC drops in the evening.

our recommendation
The body only has a very limited ability to store zinc and is therefore dependent on a daily supply of zinc. We therefore recommend taking ZINC Drops Forte daily to ensure an optimal supply of this vital mineral.

Purified water, stabilizer glycerin, zinc sulfate.

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