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Sinob The Relevant Booster V3 280g

Sinob The Relevant Booster V3 280g

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Relevant V3
It's finally here: our The Motherf***ing Relevant V3 pre-workout booster for your effective and focused training with a pump that will almost make your muscles burst!

Heavy pump, but perfect solubility without clumping - we make it possible!
So we wanted a booster that still had the same bang and made your muscles burst without resorting to glycerol. For us there was only one sensible alternative that we were responsible for: Nitrosigine ®

Nitrosigine ® - the substance that creates the muscle pump of your dreams
Nitrosigine ® is a patented form of arginine bound to a silicate. If you are a fan of quick effectiveness, you will enjoy Nitrosigine ® and therefore also the new Relevant V3. We used 1g of Nitrosigine ® per serving, which causes the pump of death to kick in after just 15 minutes and then lasts for up to 6 hours (!!!). This pump in the Relevant V3 is supported by classic booster ingredients such as glycine (1.5 g per serving) and citrulline (4g per serving), which provide additional pump and energy. They also improve the nutrient supply to your Gainz and the removal of metabolic end products to ensure rapid regeneration.

L-citrulline malate, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, inulin, L-glycine, arginine silicate inositol (Nitrosigine®), taurine, guarana extract, acidifier citric acid, caramel, flavor, maltodextrin, sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame K), caffeine

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