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Swedish Supplements Crazy 8 325g

Swedish Supplements Crazy 8 325g

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The NEW CRAZY 8 from Swedish Supplements.

The Swedish Supplements development department has been working on a new, unique formula for energy, concentration and performance improvement for a long time. The result is the maximum dosage Crazy8, which contains a whopping 400 mg of caffeine per full serving, of which 100 mg of Caffeine® is an organic caffeine naturally derived from coffee beans. This works synergistically to keep you alert and motivated from the first dose. Crazy8's simulant formula essentially consists of various sources of caffeine extracted from the plant kingdom. Therefore they have a different character but a similar effect and overall give a strong invigorating effect. Crazy8 also contains Astragin®, a patented, 100% plant-based compound that increases the absorption of many important nutrients. For concentration there is a hefty dose of choline bitartrate, tyrosine and theanine.

To promote blood circulation and a pleasant feeling of muscle pumps, betaine (which is very rich in nitrate) and citrulline malate are included. These two substances support the release of nitric oxide in the blood vessels of the muscles.

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