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Swedish Supplements Whey Protein Deluxe 900g BAG

Swedish Supplements Whey Protein Deluxe 900g BAG

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The taste

Whey Protein Deluxe from Swedish Supplements is a high-quality whey protein powder for anyone who wants to build maximum mass!

  • Protein with high biological value
  • Accelerates muscle building
  • Improves regeneration
  • Amazing taste and solubility!
  • Taste grade: 10++++ ( tastes very, very tasty!!!)

Swedish Supplements Whey Protein Deluxe consists of high-quality whey protein, mixing concentrates and isolates (WPC & WPI) . Whey protein has a complete content of vital amino acids and a naturally high content of the muscle-building branched chain amino acids. The high quality of whey makes it one of the standout types of protein when it comes to maximizing muscle building.
By taking Whey Protein Deluxe you can both increase your total daily protein intake and provide your body with the best possible conditions for recovery after training.

Recommended use
Put 1 or 1/2 measuring spoon of powder (approx. 33 g) with about 2-3 dl (200-300 ml) of water or milk in a shaker, shake and drink. Remember the importance of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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