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Weider L-Carnitine WATER 6 x 500ml

Weider L-Carnitine WATER 6 x 500ml

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The taste

The delicious thirst quencher that no sports bag should be without.

  • 1,000 mg high-quality L-Carnitine per bottle
  • 82.5 mg choline per bottle
  • no artificial colors

The refreshing L-Carnitine Water contains no sugar, no calories and is free of any colorings. Each bottle contains 1,000 mg of high-quality L-carnitine and 82.5 mg of choline, which helps maintain normal fat metabolism. The delicious thirst quencher comes with a practical resealable sports cap and should not be missing in any sports bag!

  • 1,000 mg of high-quality L-Carnitine and 82.5 mg of choline per bottle
  • with resealable sports cap
  • sugar free
  • Calorie and fat free
  • no artificial colors
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