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Zoomad Caretaker BCAA (480 gr)

Zoomad Caretaker BCAA (480 gr)

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Caretaker® by Zoomad Labs® is a formula to restore, build and maintain your muscle mass. More than 6g of instant BCCAs with a 10:1:1 ratio per dose! At Zoomads Labs® we are known for using formulas with the highest quality ingredients in truly effective quantities. The reason for this high 10:1:1 ratio is due to the importance of Leucine in maintaining and controlling our lean mass, It is the main responsible for activating the MTOR signaling pathway, which is fundamental in the formation of new muscles. Caretaker® has great anti-catabolic power as practically 5% of leucine is converted into HMB, but also adds 3.5g of Gultamine Kyowa Quality® per dose to further enhance the anti-catabolic effect that we already have on our own 10:1:1 ratio of essentials

During a good workout in madness mode, we oxidize protein structures to obtain energy by reducing the concentration of leucine in the plasma, which is why it is important to stimulate recovery and muscle building during and after training with good BCAAs of the highest possible quality and with leucine added, 1 g of citrulline per dose to improve absorption and increase the activity of the remaining amino acids in the formula, thanks to their conversion into L-arginine in the blood.

Caretaker® aka Guardian will watch over our most experienced athletes, leucine levels change with age and with it the progressive loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia).. is here to ensure that we can train at the maximum possible performance for many years .

14g amino acids per dose, 6.6g 10:1:1 instant BCAAs, 3.3g glutamine, 3.3g blend of L-lysine, L-alanine, taurine, L-glycine, 1g citrulline and one Blend of electrolytes to promote hydration during and after exercise makes Caretarker® the guardian we all need to keep eating the iron like real “animals”... welcome to our zoo!

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